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Beyond King Tut coming to Jacksonville!

Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience, an exhibition produced by Paquin Entertainment Group in partnership with the National Geographic Society, will be opening at the NoCo Center in Jacksonville on June 9. The exhibit commemorates the historic discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb 100 years ago.

King Tutankhamun, also known as King Tut, was an Egyptian pharaoh who ruled during the 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom period in ancient Egypt. He ascended to the throne at a young age of around nine or ten years old and reigned for approximately ten years, from around 1332 BC to 1323 BC.

The interactive exhibition utilizes cutting-edge technology to transport visitors back to Ancient Egypt and explore the story of King Tutankhamun. The exhibition features nine galleries with life-sized projections, realistic sounds, and intricate details that create an immersive environment. Visitors can learn about the pharaoh’s life and death, as well as the significance of his tomb and the treasures found inside.

Beyond King Tut is a family-friendly exhibition, and there are package rates available for families, seniors, and groups.

In addition to the regular ticket options, VIP tickets are also available, which include a flexible entry time, merchandise, and a virtual reality companion piece that allows visitors to explore Ancient Egypt in a whole new way. The exhibition has had successful runs in several major cities across the US and Canada, and it is expected to be a popular attraction in Jacksonville as well.

Tickets go on sale April 27 at beyondkingtut.com.


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