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Call to Action: Nassau County Citizens Take a Stand Against Pride Festival in Central Park

Citizens Defending Freedom Nassau (CDF-Nassau), a local organization dedicated to protecting traditional Christian values and the rule of law, is urging the citizens of Nassau County to take action against the upcoming Fernandina Beach Pride festival scheduled for June 10th in Central Park. CDF-Nassau is questioning the appropriateness of holding a festival that celebrates sexuality in a children’s park and is calling on concerned citizens to contact the Fernandina Beach City Commissioners to voice their opposition.

The controversy over the pride festival erupted when the City of Fernandina Beach approved permits for the event to be held in Central Park, which is located next to a new children’s playground. CDF-Nassau and many other concerned citizens feel that it is inappropriate and potentially illegal to expose children to sexual materials in a public park. When CDF-Nassau questioned the decision, the local News Leader made it a front-page issue, which led to commentary in news and online media vilifying the organization and its members.

According to CDF-Nassau, the issue is not about freedom of speech or the freedom to assemble. The organization values everyone’s constitutional rights and believes that the festival’s appropriateness and legality are the main issues at hand. Last year’s festival featured a drag queen show along with adult materials and a kid’s zone. CDF-Nassau feels that adult themes, actions, and choices do not need to be thrust upon young children, especially in a city park.

The Fernandina Beach City Ordinance (Sec. 14-53) specifies that adult entertainment businesses are only permitted in C-1, C-2, and C-3 zoning districts. No adult entertainment business is allowed to be located within 750 feet of a church, school, residentially zoned district, or a publicly-owned or operated park, playground, library, or other recreational facility within or without the city’s boundaries. The ordinance is designed to protect minors from the adverse effects of the activities that tend to accompany adult entertainment.

Citizens Defending Freedom Nassau is encouraging concerned citizens to speak up and add their voices to the few who have already chosen to take action. The organization suggests contacting the Fernandina Beach City Commissioners by email or phone to voice personal concerns, attending the next city commission meeting on May 2 at 6:00 pm, and/or speaking to show support. CDF-Nassau urges citizens to keep their comments respectful and not resort to name-calling or sarcasm.

In conclusion, CDF-Nassau believes that it is time for the citizens of Nassau County who support protecting children, the rule of law, and traditional Christian values to take a stand against the misuse of city assets to expose children to sexual materials. The organization hopes that by presenting a united front to the City Commission and the community at large, citizens can effect change and prevent this activity from proliferating.

Contact information:

Bradley Bean: 904–415-5181, [email protected]

David Sturges: 904-624-4596 [email protected]

Chip Ross: 410–394-0220, [email protected]

James Antun: 516-547-5309, [email protected]

Darron Ayscue: 904-780-4480, [email protected]

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