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EYE Celebrates 5 Years with Nationwide Expansion and a Fresh New Look!

BREAKING NEWS: Your favorite local government watchdog Eye on my City has turned five, and to celebrate, it is launching a brand-new website design today. For half a decade, this site has been dedicated to promoting accountability and transparency in our city’s politics, exposing corruption and fighting cronyism.

But that’s not all.

Eye on my City is also expanding the concept of keeping an eye on local government to other cities across the United States. By sharing its strategies and insights with other communities, it hopes to create a nationwide network of engaged and informed citizens who are committed to transparency and accountability in local politics.

The founder of Eye on my City, Billie Tucker Volpe, stated:

“When it comes to keeping our government transparent and accountable, we’re all in this together. By working together, we can make sure that our voices are heard, and that our leaders are held accountable for their actions.”

To stay informed and participate in activities that help build a strong city focused on the people and not politicians, go to our site and sign up for our newsletters. Our city is only as strong as the people who live in it, and it’s up to us to hold our leaders accountable and make our community a great place to live.

Let’s make the next five years even better than the first by working together to create a nationwide network of engaged and informed citizens!

But it starts with you today. Please sign up for our newsletter, share this post with others and if you have stories that need to have an “eye” on them, let us know. You guys and gals are on the front lines so the stories are there – and you see them before anyone else does.

We appreciate your support for the past 5 years! You kept us going when politicians and local government officials tried to shut us down. It’s all about you and that’s why we do what we do!

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