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Free Movie Tickets for you and yours!

This week a local group of business owners gathered together to watch the movie, Sound of Freedom, at a local theater. The auditorium was filled with 58 people at 1:00 in the middle of the week while work piled up on their desks.

Once the movie was over they didn’t care about the work that was waiting for them – they cared about the millions of children who right now are living as sex slaves across this country and worldwide. And yes, even here in Jacksonville!

They learned some difficult facts such as America is the number one customer of child trafficking! They were sad, stunned and ticked off. They are looking for ways to help and one way was to buy free tickets for others.

These local business owners did just that and now you can request free tickets for you and a friend.

Simply to go: https://www.angel.com/tickets/sound-of-freedom?promo=sof-claim-free&zip=32255&date=2023-07-21

Help spread the word that free tickets are available for others who also may not be able to afford the ticket price.

This movie is out performing all of Hollywood’s recent releases and presently made $110 Million in the last two weeks.

We are thankful for the generous donations of concerned business owners in Jacksonville. If you or your business would like to have a private viewing of the movie, contact Cinemark and they will help you make it happen. The price is reasonable and you just might help save a child.

Pray for these precious children – for their safe return to their homes and for a renewed spirit of freedom in their souls.


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