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Is justice for Sale in Nassau County?

Last month we co-hosted an event and showed the movie, 2000 Mules. This movie
turned out more than 200 people from our county. We saw the anxiety and concern on
the faces of the people there. They are deeply worried about what’s happening
politically both at the national and local level. So am I.

People often ask me why do we need to get so organized locally to ensure that our
Nassau County freedoms are protected. 

Well, it is because there is a well-funded organization that is methodically and
professionally infiltrating schools, churches, local elected officials, and law

These “nonprofits” and other organizations with harmless – seemingly helpful – names
seek to undermine our free society and constitution.  Their goal seems to be to
undermine society, break up families, pit races and ethnic groups against each other,
support open borders, undermine religion, promote dysfunction, control the media and
other nefarious goals.  This not a party thing – this is an America thing. 
Below is a link to an article regarding the “Justice For Sale” report from the Law
Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF).  This is but one example, Social Justice
Reform, of a group of organizations that have been working in unison to create a new
“social justice”.


I am personally asking you to sign up as an Ambassador/Volunteer with CCDF to launch
our Nassau County Chapter.  We need your help to protect our own local community
and by doing so, protect our country.  Don’t think that this is just happening in someone
else’s county.  It’s happening here and we need to protect Nassau County!

Our local teams are forming and working to protect the community – schools, elections
and research with a focus on “following the money.”

 Go to the www.CCDFUSA.com  web site and type “Nassau”.  Register to be a part of our
local team as an Ambassador.  We are providing Local Insight and taking Local Action. 
We need to community to help with the mission locally.  We support the American
values of Freedom – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – and the founding
documents.  We are nonpartisan.  We are not afraid to express our faith, as did our
founding fathers.

We are also fundraising to support forming our LOCAL CCDF chapter.  If you can donate, please take a minute to make a contribution.

Jack Knocke

Jack Knocke, founder of Common Sense Fernandina is a business consultant and a resident of Fernandina Beach. He keeps us informed about what’s happening in the get-a-way town of Fernandina Beach, Florida.


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