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U.S. Senator Rick Scott Introduces $70 Billion School Guardian Act to Ensure Law Enforcement Presence in Schools Nationwide

U.S. Senator Rick Scott has introduced a new bill, the School Guardian Act, which he hopes will marshal $70 billion to help guarantee the presence of law enforcement in schools across the nation.

The bill aims to deter mass school shootings and ensure that all schools are safe for students.

The act will require the presence of law enforcement in all schools, and Scott emphasized that every school in the nation will need law enforcement to ensure the safety of students.

The bill hopes to pass through the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and gain approval from President Joe Biden.

The funding for the bill is to be pulled from the $70 billion currently held by the IRS for agents.

The bill is aimed not only at public schools but also private schools, with the recent mass shooting at a private elementary school in Nashville serving as a reminder of the importance of school safety.

Scott’s bill is historic legislation aimed at protecting children nationwide, and supporters believe it will prevent tragic school shootings.

Check out Senator Scott’s Press Release about this bill here.

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