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Women Who Kill

Some of you may remember the story in 2018 of the disappearance of Kimberly Kessler here on Amelia Island. The case had a lot of press locally and later turned out to be a homicide investigation.

What you may not know is there was a recent TV documentary made on this. The show is called:

SNAPPED: Women Who Kill

S31 E11 – Kimberly Kessler

The plot of the story is described as…”When a beloved mother goes missing on her birthday, detectives are faced with several possible suspects before focusing on a co-worker with a shocking past who will do anything to hide their true identity.”

Wayne Herrington was the lead detective on this case. It was a difficult one because no body was found and the investigation dragged on for 3 years before finally resulting in a conviction. After her conviction in 2021, Kimberly Kessler was put away for life.

The one-hour documentary has many shots of Amelia Island and Nassau County, telling the incredible story of how the case was solved.

So we now have a new TV star in Wayne Herrington who had a key role. Other Nassau County officers are in also included such as my friend, Mark Murphy and Sheriff Bill Leeper.

I remember talking about this case over the years with Wayne Herrington who put in horrendous hours trying to figure out who did this to such a sweet woman. This is a great watch and hats off to Wayne and the great team at the Nassau County Sheriff’s office.

I think we have maybe 1 or 2 murders a year in Nassau County – but if we do – they gonna get you! They just never give up until justice is brought home to the families.

*Guest Contributor: Robert Allison, Resident of Amelia Island

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