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Does the “dogma live loudly within” a Nassau County Judicial candidate? You decide.

President Donald Trump asked that he and Joe Biden submit to a drug test before the debates. Trump was all for it and Biden declined.

One of my clients said, “Isn’t it funny how you have to test your employees and even horses are tested before a big race. But the world leaders don’t have to pass the same test.” And right he is!

For way too long we have “elected” people to high levels of government and we never do anything to check them out. We listen to their words and we vote on their eloquence, their well-crafted campaign messages and their slick style. And we are fooled time and time again. I’m reminded of President Obama stating, “Words? They’re just words.” He knew words were hollow unless the one speaking them was not.

Here’s a great example of why background checks and deep dives into candidates is important. It’s is also vitally important for the judicial races because they MUST put their political feelings aside and ensure justice is fair for all.

That’s why we are disturbed by John Cascone who is running for Nassau County Judge in Group 1. He is campaigning as a conservative and claiming on his website to “upholding The Constitution and All Amendments without legislating from the bench.” 

Sounds good doesn’t it. But let’s dig a little deeper and do our background check on Mr. Cascone.

It appears Mr. Cascone is registered as non-partisan on the voter rolls. Judges are suppose to be non-partisan so that’s a good thing.

However, Cascone shared a post from Occupy Democrats in 2016 shown below:

We were curious why someone running as a Constitutionalist would share a post from Occupy Democrats because their mission is very different from what the Constitution provides. Their mission…

Our mission is to Occupy Democrats on November 2020 AND BEYOND by voting in a LANDSLIDE of progressive Democratic candidates dedicated to rolling back President Trump’s extremist agenda and making Congress work for Main Street instead of Wall Street. We’re going to do that by advancing a bold progressive agenda, including Medicare-for-All, free public college tuition, and a $15 federal minimum wage for hard-working Americans.

Pretty radical group for a Judge to be sharing their posts.

On his campaign website, “With a solemn commitment to fairness and protecting public safety, our laws must be upheld as they are written, without legislating from the bench.” ––John Joseph Cascone

We agree with those words and hope Mr. Cascone can live up to them. We noticed Mr. Cascone appears to have a foul taste for our President and that is certainly his prerogative. We only hope he will not feel the same way about any “Trumpers” who may come before him in his courtroom. Will he be able to separate his feelings about President Trump or will the dogma living loudly within him impact his decision-making?

And although Mr. Cascone says he is non-partisan — he shared another post about being a liberal here.

So what has our investigation told us?

It’s told us that in 2016 Mr. Cascone enjoyed sharing posts from radical left wing groups, posted pictures of President Trump as a dirty baby destroying the world and posted another one about being Liberal.

That was four years ago. Maybe Mr. Cascone has completely changed who he is and he doesn’t believe any of this stuff anymore. We do know he cleaned up his social media and removed these items. Did he do it because he changed or did he do it because he wants us to believe he is someone else?

We have no idea what is going on here with the disconnect between his campaign website and his social media posts. We encourage you to ask him yourself before voting for him. You can find out how to reach him at his website: https://casconeforjudge.com/

Do your homework, friends. Words are nice but behaviors scream loudly.

Billie Tucker Volpe Founder of Eye on Jacksonville and Leadership Consultant to CEOs/Executives


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