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Pride Festival in the Middle of Fernandina Beach’s “Kids Zone”

Central Park in Fernandina Beach, Florida has undergone significant improvements, thanks to the generous contribution of a local resident. The park has become a popular spot for families and children to spend their weekends, and it is evident from the recent gathering that the improvements have been well-received by the community.

However, a recent press release issued by Jack Knocke, the County Executive Director of Citizens Defending Freedom has raised concerns about the use of the park for hosting events by the Fernandina Beach Pride group.

Citizens Defending Freedom-Nassau (CDF-Nassau), an organization that advocates for individual freedoms and liberties, has expressed concern about the potential harm that hosting events by a sexual orientation group in the park might cause to young children. The group specifically objects to the possibility of drag shows or similar activities that expose children to harmful sexual content. The press release emphasizes that this objection is not about the right to free speech or the right to choose who you love, but about protecting young children from inappropriate content.

It also refers to an article by Julia Roberts in the News Leader, which reported that the Fernandina Beach Pride group had been seeking to host multiple events on city property, including in parks and parades.

Citizens Defending Freedom-Nassau raises concerns about the potential harm to children caused by hosting the Pride Festival, which is supposed to be held at Central Park, adjacent to the City’s new children’s playground. The organization suggests that FB Pride should seek an alternative site that is not near the children’s playground.

In conclusion, the CDF-Nassau expresses the need to work together, rather than resorting to threats or potential violence, to resolve issues like these. It highlights the importance of building relationships and resolving issues. While acknowledging the right to free speech and assembly, CDF-Nassau emphasizes the importance of protecting young children from harmful content.


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