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We Are Coming for Your Children

Is it just me, or does it seem like drag queens are everywhere now? Drag queens are showing up at military bases, zoos, Mom and Pop diners, parks, television commercials, marketing campaigns, churches, universities, grade schools and public libraries for events with titles like “family friendly” drag shows and Drag Queen Story Hour. And since family friendly drag shows aren’t raunchy enough, mothers in the UK. even created a drag baby rave. At a CabaBabaRave, parents bring their infants to a “cabaret baby rave experience,” as a ‘sensory activity’. Adult men in thongs spread their legs and gyrate for infants while cheering parents drop their inhibitions with booze. Isn’t that great?

How did we get here? How did drag queens transition from behind closed doors of seedy night clubs to reading gender propaganda to toddlers at a public libraries? How has it become so common, our legislators are now taking up the task of ridding us of this filth? More importantly, why are adult men clamoring to spend time with young children while acting out their sexual fetishes?

The truth is an evil most are unwilling to uncover. The truth is out there. These people are so proud of their deviancy, they publish academic papers and create content for the world to see. They are well respected tenured professors with PhDs and fancy titles. They are worshiped by students and academics. They tell you the end goal. It is just so vile, most will brush off the truth because they simply cannot or refuse believe it’s possible. If they are willing to tell us the truth, then we should be willing to believe them. If not, we will never stop them.

Understanding how we got to this point, is a dark journey. The publications I have read through, the videos I have watched and theories behind the ideology will haunt me for some time. I needed to take a breather from it all. Since I am an amazing daughter, I asked for my Mother’s advice. She said something that stuck with me. She said, “maybe God put you in this position for a reason.” I know I am a tough gal, with some pretty thick skin. But, researching this article really took a toll on my spirit. It truly is a battle of good verses evil. The truth must be told.

There is a lot to unpack to understand the end goal. I have read through dozens of articles, publications, academic journals and watched more videos than I care to admit researching this movement.

I will try to summarize it as politely as I can, but I warn, what I uncovered is pretty twisted.

As a mother, I am perplexed by our county’s new obsession with Drag Queen Story Hour. DQSH isn’t just about reading books to young children. It is part of a much larger movement. A movement whose stated goal is the eradication of the nuclear family, erasing God/religion, normalizing child-adult sex, dismantling of our culture, ending capitalism, combating white supremacy and racism. Top down, bottom up, inside out.

To understand how adult men ended up inside libraries reading to prepubescent children, you have to understand the ideological movement behind it and the screwed up people promoting it.

Drag Queen Story Hour, is the brain child of a woman named, Michelle Tea. Tea was sexually abused by her stepfather as a child and then decided as an adult to become a prostitute along with her girlfriend. Eventually she left her hometown of Boston and settled in San Francisco, becoming a lesbian poet and activist. According to the DQSH website, “DSH [sic] captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive and unabashedly queer role models.” “In spaces like this, kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where everyone can be their authentic selves!”

Interesting. Wouldn’t someone’s ‘authentic self’ just be the body they were born with? The phrase, ‘authentic self,’ is intentional. The idea is to confuse the language as to confuse the child. He who controls the language controls the argument. That is what this is all about. Confuse, replace and rebuild. This is modern gender theory. The cool kids would refer to this now as queer theory.

DQSH is just one small facet of the overarching ideology of queer theory.

Gender/queer theory has several morally bankrupt trailblazers, all building upon each other’s twisted fantasies. Everyone who created these theories are people engaging in the lifestyle themselves.

I will cover a few of these monsters and their legacy. Most of them have one disgusting trait in common.

Michel Foucault (1926 – 1984) was a French historian and philosopher. Foucault is best known for his theories addressing relationships between power and knowledge and how those relationships are used as a type of social control between societal institutions.

He would travel to Tunisia promoting his ideas to the university. It was documented he would offer money to groups of young boys to meet him in graveyards. “He would make love there on the gravestones with young boys.” It is speculated, Foucault was deported because of his “homosexual activities with young students.” One of Foucault’s worst accomplishments, in 1977 he signed a petition arguing for the legal age of consent in France to be 13. He believed children were willing and able to consent to sexual relationships with adults.

Jean-Paul Sartre (1905 – 1980) was a French writer, activist, Marxist and one of the key figures in creating the idea of existentialism. He believed in a world without God, all things are possible. Sartre had a open relationship with cultural Marxist, Simone De Beauvoir. She believed there is no such thing as a man or a woman only workers. The only path to true freedom is absolute Socialism.

Gayle S. Rubin is a 74-year-old lesbian, anthropologist and sex activist. She was born in South Carolina, attended the University of Michigan, and then moved to San Francisco in the late 70s. In 1984 she wrote, “Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality.” This paper is thought of as the beginning of queer theory, in the academic world. Rubin believed sex is political, and therefore could be used as a political weapon. She created a strange sexual hierarchy with monogamous hetero married couples at the top and pedophiles at the bottom. Rubin believed society creates sexuality, not biology. Rubin, like all of these people, wanted to abolish the oppressive sexual hierarchy, and rebuild a new sexual caste system to her (their) liking. Top down, bottom up, inside out.

Pat Califia is a 69-year-old former lesbian who used to write a sex advice column for a gay men’s magazine. She now identifies as a bisexual trans man. I honestly do not even

understand what I just wrote. Califia spent a lot of her time trying to make sure pedophiles don’t have a bad name. In 1992 she wrote the article, “Feminism, Pedophilia and Children’s Rights” for the pro-pedo magazine, Paidika. Califia argued all age of consent laws should be repealed. She also supported a pedo advocacy organization called North American Man/Boy Love Association.

However, after becoming a parent, Califia claims she isn’t into sex with prepubescent children anymore.

According to Wikipedia, Califia said, “Perhaps because I am a parent now, I am less idealistic about the possibilities for an equal adult/child relationship.”

Califia believed in order to be free, we have to rid the world of sexual oppressors. The nuclear family, God, our legal system and capitalism are forms of oppression. Califia building upon Rubin’s idea, wanted to take the lowest of the sexual hierarchy and elevate the group to the top.

Judith Butler is a 67-year-old woman from Cleveland. She, like all the others, wound up in California, teaching at California Berkeley. She is the first woman who doesn’t know what a woman is. Butler claims that the word “woman,” is a social construct and has no meaning. Butler says men, women and sex are just a performance. And like characters in a play, men and women can change who they are. It is all just a show. Butler is known for taking these sick ideas and theories and turning them into areas of study for college students. She made queer theory academic.

Sarah Hankins is cited by Columbia University as a ‘tenured queer theorist.’ So, I guess that is a real thing. She is known for researching drag performances at bars and wrote the paper, “I’m a Cross Between a Clown, a Stripper and a Streetwalker: Drag Tipping, Sex Work and a Queer Sociosexual Economy.” Hankins claims the drag world as a “sociosexual economy.” She believes giving tips to drag queens is payment for sexual gratification. It is a way to celebrate the lifestyle and reward each other.

All of these people helped shape and give life to the work of Harris Kornstein AKA ‘Lil Hot Mess.’ Kornstein is a college professor and a drag queen. He wrote a children’s book called, The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish. He was one of the first drag queens to start reading to kids in libraries. He sits on the board for DQSH.

Kornstein co-authored a paper with Harper Keenan, which is thought to be a type of manifesto for the queer movement. Harper Keenan is a queer theorist at the University of British Columbia. Keenan is a woman who now believes she is a man. Together they co-authored, “Drag Pedagogy: The Playful Practice of Queer Imagination in Early Childhood.”

The paper is mind numbing and filled with a lot of big words. Kornstein and Keenan claim school is a way to straighten out a child and by doing so, maintaining capitalism and racism. So in order to flip the system, schools must implement a new teaching method called “drag pedagogy.” This new method teaches kids how to “live queerly” and fosters their “queer imagination,” by bringing in “queer ways of knowing,” into the classroom. This paper embodies what everyone previously mentioned, were trying to accomplish. Top down, bottom up, inside out. Ending our traditional way of life, and ushering in a new world of free love, Marxism and adult-child sexual relationships. In order to do this, you must groom children from birth to accept this lifestyle.

Dr. John Money’s experiment on the Reimer twins proves you cannot flip the script on nature verses nurture. Money (1921 – 2006) was a pretty twisted psychologist who decided to play God with a set of twin boys. He was trying to prove sexuality isn’t biological. In 1965 the Reimer twins were born. One of the boys, David, suffered a botched circumcision where his penis was burned off. Money encouraged David’s mother to raise him as a girl and keep it a secret from the twins. Money worked with the twins for years, forcing them to watch porn at the age of six and perform sex acts on each other while he took pictures. The experiment failed miserably. David couldn’t battle his biological sex. He knew he was a man and eventually ended up committing suicide. I believe, Money’s experiment proved God doesn’t make mistakes. Money’s experiment also proves you cannot teach a child a world view which fundamentally goes against their natural biological urges. They will naturally reject it.

Kornstein and Keenan’s (K & K), disturbing paper tries to argue their sexual fetishes are a type of lifestyle that must be forced onto children for the betterment of society. They must blur the lines between reality and fantasy to confuse children. If you can teach little kids there isn’t a universal reality, you can get them to believe anything.

K and K write, DQSH wants to incorporate theories “to consider how drag queens and children might work together’…’to promote a spirit of creative inquiry and worldmaking.” They would like to use children to promote and normalize their lifestyle. “[Drag pedagogy,] artfully invites children into building communities that are more hospitable to queer knowledge and experience.” The authors also want readers to know they are engaged in the lifestyle and “make no effort to hide our bias: we are both supports of this programm, and Lil Miss Hot Mess is involved in its leadership.”

The authors try explaining why it should be a given to have drag queens inside the classroom with young children. “Many elements of DQSH are common to early childhood schooling; bright colors, music, art and imaginative play.” K & K claim teachers are a boring “limiting stereotype” to enforce rules. Drag queens are “loud, extravagant and playful.” Replacing a teacher with a drag queen allows a queer adult to encourage children to “think for themselves and even to break the rules.”

The overarching idea of transforming early childhood education is rooted in critical theory. The movement believes our current social structure and education system is oppressive. The system is set up to maintain heterosexual monogamous relationships, advance capitalism and by extension white supremacy and racism. The only way they can transform what they see as bad, is by dismantling and replacing. They believe by ending capitalism and ushering in a Marxist Socialistic utopia, freedom and equality will finally be achieved. “To state it plainly, within the historical context of the USA and Westwen Europe, the institutional management of gender has been used as a way of maintaining racist and capitalist modes of reproduction.” “Schooling often categorizes people in ways that train each of our ways of being into compliance with an inflexible ‘script’.”

The media and supporters claim DQSH is an innocent program where performers can read diverse stories to children. However, K & K tell us that is not the goal. The authors would like the world to “move past,” that talking point. They want us to understand their motives. “For us, drag pedagogy is less about imitating drag queens’ specific behaviors, and more about embodied inquiry into queer/trans ways of being that reach beyond the present.” K & K explain, event organizers are lying to you when they use the phrase, “family friendly.” In the conclusion of the paper, they explain how they are coming for your children. “Queer worldmaking, including political organizing, has long been a project driven by desire.” “We

believe that DQSH offers an invitation towards deeper public engagement with our queer cultural production, particularly for young children and families.” K & K want the reader to understand “family friendly,” does not mean the event is suitable for young children. “DQSH is “family friendly” in the sense of “family” as an old-school queer code to identify and connect with other queers on the street. It’s the old bait and switch.

These people want to take children away from their biological family and indoctrinate them into a confusing adult world of ideology. If they can do this while kids are young, they can mold them into future sexual social justice warriors.

The movement has been shockingly successful around the country. However, every now and then we get an accidental peek into these events. A viral video of a so-called family friendly drag event in Miami sent shock waves through the Sunshine State. The video showed a half-naked man in a string bikini with massive breast implants, parading around a bar holding the hand of a little girl, while cheering adults gleefully stuffed dollar bills in his crotch. The girl’s head was right beside the man’s bare a** cheeks. That was enough for our government to get involved.

Florida Republicans are now taking a stand against more cultural rot creeping into our children’s lives. Lawmakers are currently debating bills aimed at ending drag performances where children are present. SB1438 aims to prohibit children and teenagers from attending certain “adult live performances” in private venues. The bill also bans cities, counties and governments from issuing permits for a show or exhibition depicting anything sexual when children are present. If violated, the event organizers could face a first-degree misdemeanor.

It is a small step in the right direction. We need more politicians to have the courage to say no.

This all about the fundamental change of America. Using children as one of the tenements of the destruction of our culture is just one of the moves at play in a greater encompassing movement. Confusion, indoctrination, revolution ending in a Marxist utopia. If you take away God and then confuse reality, you can get people to do anything. Judith Butler, (the 1st woman who doesn’t know what a woman is,) wrote a paper called, “Gender Trouble” in 1990. Butler was trying to academically argue by using gender, we can alter reality. Butler claims “this is the occasion in which we can come to understand that what we take to be ‘real,’ what we invoke as the naturalized knowledge of gender is, in fact, a changeable and revisable reality. Call it subversive or call it something else. Although this incite does not in itself constitute a political revolution, no political revolution is possible without a radical shift in one’s notion of the possible and the real.”

Revolution is what they want. A slick marketing campaign of sexual politics is being used to launch cultural bombs at us and our children. We are being groomed to accept this and celebrate it. Recently we watched on national television the Dalai Lama kissing a young boy. The Precious Conqueror even asked the boy to suck on his tongue! It was disturbing. And just as expected, the media trotted out adult men to explain how sucking face with children is just a form of love and playfulness expression for the Dalai Lama. This month we also learned of a horrible Dutch television show where 10 – 12-year-old kids watch post-op trans adults strip completely naked in front of them and the kids get to ask questions about their bodies. The show is aired on a government sponsored channel. And no one seems to care. The show is touted as a “body positive” educational show. If a post-op trans adult stripped naked in a public setting and then invited children to point and ask questions about their mutilated genitals, that adult would be rotting in jail. But do it for television in the name of “body positivity,” all is well.

We are at a cultural and spiritual crossroad in America. I believe the past 3 years of our government grooming us to live in perpetual fear over a virus with a 99.9% survival rate, helped usher in this insanity. We have been told lie after lie about COVID by our government. They bamboozled the country and we let them. Millions even begged for it. The government and big tech have censored people like me for refusing to comply, asking questions and telling the truth. They created an environment where people are so used to shutting up, being censored and falling in line, they will never fight back. Using fear and intimidation worked for COVID tyranny, and now they are using the same exact playbook for the left’s new gender jihad. As of now, our only option is to comply, or they will come after you. Why do you think the government hasn’t released the manifesto of the trans school shooter in Nashville? Top down, bottom up, inside out.

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Lindsey Roberts

Lindsey Roberts graduated from the University of Florida where she studied history and journalism. She was a multimedia producer at First Coast News for five years and then pursued her career as a Mommy to two beautiful children. She has always followed political news and anything specifically related to issues affecting the family and the American way of life. She is ready to get back to her roots by writing for Eye On My City. We are thrilled to have her onboard!!


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